PRESS RELEASE | Sep 21, 2018
Kinexon to track player movements at U18 Tournament Finals
The Kinexon tracking system will be in use at the 2017-18 Euroleague Basketball Adidas Next Generation Tournament Finals to measure detailed movements of players and game officials as the former vie for the title of European junior club champion, in parallel with the 2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in Belgrade, Serbia. The use of the Kinexon tracking system is another example of Euroleague Basketball embracing the latest technological innovations and seeking ways to integrate them for the betterment of players and fans alike.

The players and game officials will be fitted with Kinexon's small and lightweight sensor between their shoulder blades. Using unique RF technology, the sensors will record and transmit position and movement data accurate to the centimeter, which will allow Kinexon to track player movements including speed, acceleration and jumps.

In the future, this technology may be used in real time to provide coaching staffs with up-to-the-second information, to allow medical staffs to monitor and evaluate players' condition, and to create integrated data and graphics for television broadcasters and social media platforms.
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