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Euroleague Basketball clubs set pandemic response guidelines
Euroleague Basketball and its clubs have agreed on a unified set of guidelines in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic that are aimed at welcoming fans to arenas in the most comfortable way as soon as they are permitted to see games in person again.

Because Euroleague clubs operate in 15 different countries with varying regulations from national health authorities, the guidelines are a collection of ideas, recommendations and principles that all Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup clubs can implement at their arenas in the coming season.

Specifically, the clubs have looked at various aspects of regaining the public’s trust in attending live events and making it more convenient to attend in light of the developing situation on the continent. With that in mind, the clubs and league have recommended the following steps amongst others:

· Arena access scheduling: Stagger arena entries over a period of time and spreading out physical access points to the venue.

· Testing and circulation management: Provide for individual temperature checks at access points and manage external and internal circulation to enhance social distancing for the whole duration of the event.

· Dedicated arena sanitation protocols: Enhance overall cleanliness, introduce sanitation protocols, and provide protective garments to working staff and spectators on game days

· Epidemiology expertise: Consult with certified epidemiology experts to support and endorse the implementation of safety protocols.

· Flexible, socially distanced seating: Create seating manifests for a variety of different social distancing measures when needed to allow ticket holders to enjoy the game from their reserved seats in the safest environment and according to the international and/or local regulations.

· Hands-free technology: Accelerate adoption of such measures as paperless ticketing or cashless payment solutions to limit crowded areas, long queues and touch points.

· Customizable ticket payment methods: Give fans the flexibility needed in unpredictable times by offering creative payment terms.

· Ask for input from fans: Accelerate the adoption of innovative fan-engagement measures, asking their opinions on the measures above and taking into account their insight when designing new ones.

· Transparent and consistent communication: Keep fans informed of all measures undertaken to ensure their comfort and safety once arenas doors open. Making sure that they know all protocols in advance will be key to a successful return of live games.

At league-wide meetings in the last week, clubs expressed their commitment to implementing the pandemic response guidelines in unison with regulations and advice from their respective governments and public health authorities. The clubs hold no higher priority than assuring fans of when and how it will be safe to return to arenas to enjoy Euroleague Basketball in person.


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